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History of the castle Montreal


Porte renaissanceThe mason become a castle-owner restores alone this building since 1998.

“Mons Regalis” the royal mount (because its dominating position, puts up at 289m high, its donjon dating from the end of the 12th century. The only witness of this time in this country and its castle dating from the 13th and 16th centuries.


With its magnificent inner Renaissance courtyard, its mullioned windows, hanging balconies, gread screw staircase and vaulted rooms, Montreal is one of the best fleuret of the castral crown of Largentiere, with the castles of Brison, Chassiers, Tauriers, Fanjau (destroyed) Vinezac and Uzer, it kept watch over the silver mines of Largentiere. The bishops of Viviers, Lords of these mines stroke coins in the Middle Age.


From the 13th century to the 19th century several states can be identified. Belong to the first state the 23 meters donjon a narrow masonned mantle-wall and a seigneurial home (aula).


1345, the Romanesque castle built by the Montreal Family, becomes by marriage the possession of the Balazuc Family. At the And of the 14th century a second enceinte more extensive than the first one, having the same plan, and a large building in L are built against the new enceinte. In the 15th and 16th centuries, the castle knows important modifications. Four three levelled wings, a staircase tower and outside galleries are built. 1636, Montreal becomes again by a marriage, the possession of the Hautefort de Lestrange Family, who opens the great entrance door, and in 1665 orders magnificent Aubusson tapestries in the loving memory of their ancestors, the knights Gontaud de Biron and Pons de Balazuc who took part in the first crusade. 1742, the Merle de Lagorce Family inherits the castle. In 1775, it sells the castle with the donjon and the Joyeuse tower to a certain Simon Lapierre of Montreal who makes of it a vast farm house…


Nowadays, the present owner, Hubert Fenestrier, a mason, fascinated by old buildings, patiently, lonely restores this building in order to open it to visitors.

In summer, medieval animations are set up : theatrical visits, medieval costumes and workshops can help you to discover the medieval know-how and manners.



Le château de Montréal


For a really unforgettable day out for the family, come and discover Montreal Castle, guardian of the silver mines at Largentière. At the foot of the 12th century dungeon, a medieval camp of armed crafts-men awaits to propel the visitor on a journey back through time…